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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 2, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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put them on air. team coverage of hurricane earl. its impact on our beaches and our morning commute. this is 9news now. and right now, earl is brushing against the coast of north carolina. but is the hurricane getting stronger or has it weakened a bit? >> chief meteorologist has been watching this one so long he has a cot in the center. >> might as well. howard is back there resting right now. we are looking at a slightly weaker storm. this shows you wave height. this is unbelievable. i have checked some observations. highest wind guses are 45 miles an hour -- gusts are 45 miles an hour. ten feet. as you get up to virginia beach, wave heights about five feet. so it's beginning to make its presence felt. let me show the satellite picture. it has weakened. the pressure has gone up. winds are down to 105 miles per hour. it's about -- >> the winds have slowed a bit
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to 105 miles per hour. certainly still powerful and we're feeling the effects now. a lot of gusty wind and some rain and the worst is expected in the next few hours. hurricane earl is slamming waves into north carolina's coast. the massive storm started moving closer as the sun went down. donna headed to the beach to capture its arrival. >> i wanted to see how rough the ocean is and just how angry it's getting. >> reporter: a hurricane warning meant evacuation orders for about 35,000 tourists and residents on the outer banks. the ketners were angry to see their vacation cut short. >> we were going to ride it out. but when they make you leave. >> reporter: business owners with no plans to leave boarded up with little time to spare. north carolina's governor says the state is prepared. she urged those riding out the
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storm to stay hunk erred down. >> hunkered down. >> once it's at its worst point, we're not going to put any emergency worker in harm's way. >> reporter: it still feels like a punch here. wind gust dz up to 70 miles o o gusts up to 70 -- gusts up to 70 miles an hour. the northeast hasn't seen a major hurricane for nearly two decades. >> don't wait for the last decade. if you're going to go, now is a good time to go. >> reporter: earl could shut down the ferry from nantucket to martha's vineyard putting a halt to the holiday weekend. >> looking up and down the coast, we see a lot of homes with lights on. people who have decided to stay and ride out whatever comes their way. live, now back to you. >> thanks. north carolina not the only place feeling the effects of earl tonight. virginia beach is in a line of fire. the waves there getting higher, even as we speak. bruce leshan is there as well.
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he continues our team coverage. bruce. >> reporter: hey, derek. we're out on the boardwalk. we're about seven hours out from the height of the storm here in virginia beach. and so far the situation fairly manageable here. we've had just a little bit of rain. and wind gusts up to about 14.5 miles an hour on the gauge. we are hoping and city officials are expecting that earl will pass about 150 miles out that way. >> life is short. we're from new jersey. we're having some fun here and we're going to stay. >> reporter: in a hurricane, there are those who stay. >> take care. >> reporter: those who flee. >> we don't want to take any chances. >> reporter: and those who come running. >> he's not in town. where is he? we're bummed. >> reporter: the lifeguards ordered everyonef the water around 7:00 p.m., but that didn't keep people off atlanta avenue or the beach walk. >> i would like to see the waves
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higher. >> my daughter said i want it to hit us. i have a house. my roof is going to blow off. somebody has to pay for the roof. >> reporter: that is not good. back now live, the bars are closing a little bit earlier and the situation here a little bit quieter than it usually is on a labor day weekend. but i actually talked to folks who had evacuated from north carolina. they're staying up here a little wadz. they were mad -- ways. they were mad about that. i said think about katrina and the people that stayed behind there. it wasn't good for them. derek back to you. >> thank you, bruce. now we're going to travel north to ocean city, maryland where emergency workers say they are prepared as they should be as earl creeps closer to their coast. our scoot broom is there. >> reporter: tonight they're waiting for the storm and should they stay or should they go. >> the big gates on the sea walls slammed shut. the final preparations from
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keeping the surf to destroy the boardwalk as earl pushes close. >> i'm kind of excited. >> we're definitely going to stay. >> yes. >> reporter: people in ocean city put up fencing to prevent drifting sand from burying parking lots and the boardwalk. signs and sandbags are out at spots likely to flood. >> i think you're going to see some flooding downtown in the low lying area where we typically get flooding during any type of rain event. we're going to see items blowing around, things that don't get secured. but we don't think we're going to see anything dramatic. >> the timing of the storm meeting ocean city is actually very good. it's going to be coming in early morning hours. and by the afternoon, it's going to be a thought. it's going to give us an opportunity to clean up and get ready for the rest of the weekend. >> reporter: the worst of the weather will come between 3:00 in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon. after that, they say they're expecting ocean city to be open for business. this labor day holiday weekend. in ocean city, scott broom, 9news now. and just a few minutes ago,
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a search and rescue team from maryland left for massachusetts. the 80-member crew will be helping out with hurricane relief up there. gary nurenberg was there when they headed out tonight. he is here now live. gary. >> reporter: derek, on maryland task force one, boy are these guys close. let me give you an idea how much it cost here. 80 members on this team. figure a rough overtime cost of $50 an hour. that is $4,000 an hour times 24 hours a day. $96,000 a day for this team to operate. and that is just payroll. these guys are well paid. they know what they're doing. each one of those 80 members receives 200 hours of training. use that $50 an hour overtime cost. taxpayer has $10 invested in each one of these experts. and they are experts. they have been through this before. ask them any question, they have an answer. for example. >>, fore get your american express card, what do you
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absolutely positively not want to leave home without? >> socks and underwear. most important things socks and underwear. usually after the storms, it's usually hot and humid and you spend a lot of time walking. >> reporter: and if you're a woman. >> socks and underwear are important to me too. >> reporter: there is a key to this packing business. remember that hot and wet part? >> a lot of people try to pack deodorant and if you're going to bring it, bring it in aerosol because it's usually too hot. everything melts. pack everything in plastic bags. because inevitably we're going to drive through water. >> reporter: this deployment is different. a first. >> this is the first time we've been dplid north of the state of maryland for a hurricane. >> reporter: the cost, about $96,000 a day? >>. >> all of that is reimbursed to the county by the federal management agency. >> reporter: 80,000 pounds much equipment. about 50 pounds of jesse james who can find live people in rubble. how good is she? >> very.
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she's a very, very good worker. yes. whenever i say work, we're getting ready to go to work, she gets excited and ready to go. >> reporter: after a final briefing, they were ready to go shortly after 10:00. arrival in massachusetts on friday morning. they really are trained to handle just about anything. the best scenario, they don't do anything. derek and anita. >> that would be nice. gary nurenberg, you can always download our free hurricane tracker. that is at click on weather to get it. right now montgomery county police are looking for the car they believe may have been used by discovery channel gunman james jay lee. officers shot and killed lee last night after he walked into the building and took three people hostage while waving pistols. today people told us he actually had two guns, but they were just starter pistols. they also searched his homes and they found and detonated two bombs. those were in addition to ones
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they found inside the discovery building. lee was actually evaluated back when he was arrested for his protest outside discovery two years ago. >> he was evaluated by joseph coreire who found him competent and did not find a mental health issue that would have prevented him from going to trial or being responsible for his criminal activity. >> meanwhile, most of the nearly 1900 discovery channel workers will not be going back to work until tuesday. police say the building is still technically a crime scene. and many of those workers did come back to the company headquarters today to grab their belongings which had been left behind during yesterday' evacuation. one of the hostages whose james lee kept at gunpoint was an unarmed security guard. some firearms experts now say this incident proves security guards without weapons are practically useless when facing a gunman. >> front side and a mask. >> reporter: a security officer for the
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dod often practices to keep her shooting skills in check. she expects her company will soon have them practicing for what happened wednesday. >> within a split second, you have to decide whether to shoot or run for cover. and most of the time when a person is saying they're going to shoot. >> reporter: but the security guard who became one of the hostages was not armed. >> i've always been of the opinion that unarmed security is almost no security. >> reporter: firearms instructor compared the discovery channel incident with the shooting at the holocaust museum. there the gunman walked in pointing his weapon. he was shot by an armed security guard. >> you're in no better condition but with a uniform which makes you a better target. >> reporter: so why don't all companies have protection? because of the bottom line. it costs more money. and your insurance rates will go up because of the liability with a gun in the building. >> if the guy who has the gun, i have the ill will has the intent to commit a crime or shoot somebody, he is just going to
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come in and do it. >> reporter: robert jenkins says he often suggests they get two armed guards. in the first incident he killed the first guard he saw but a second armed guard was able to shoot the gunman. >> if you're going to get one guard with a gun, you should have two. because the guard with a gun should have a backup. >> reporter: still an unarmed guard does provide a deterrent. >> peggy mentioned the cost. and unarmed security guard can cost a company $30 an hour of work. an armed guard, $50 an hour. >> i couldn't believe it. where is the line between learning and lewd. parents react to a teacher using dirty words to instruct. that is coming up. high clouds already moving in ahead of earl. we'll take you out with the wakeup weather. it should be okay. a lot of clouds. dry. 68-76. >> winds out of the southeast at
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ten. we'll come back and tell you if any area will see rain and we'll kind of detail what earl is going to do to us and the beaches. stay tuned. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
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with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? . a teacher teaching about swearing. that is the idea that has parents in prince george's county irate. v. >> it turns out a class of 8th
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grader came home with an assignment that some might call profane. it was curse words and one controversial question. what do these mean? >> the words that he was told to define, i couldn't believe it. >> an 8th grade history assign. >> that can't be. >> there is no affiliation with these words with history. >> words that came to the mother of three's attention tuesday when they picked her son up after school. >> i asked him how was his day. he said it was fine. i said what did you do. and he started telling me about what he did in his history class. >> reporter: but the conversation abruptly hamented. >> i didn't want -- haumented. >> i didn't want to share because i thought i was going to get in trouble. >> reporter: his history teacher wrote these words and even worse ones on the board. >> i was shocked. i was like is she really teaching us this. >> reporter: she wanted them to define it. >> me and my son talked about it. i said we don't use these words or anything. however, it's just still if you plant a seed into a kid, if he
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didn't already know these words, now he knows them. that's my concern. >> reporter: he and his mother went to the school the other day. >> some of the other parents feel that she should be fired. >> reporter: but they were told by the principal she was placed on administrative leave. that afternoon they got this letter. >> in an attempt to address the use of inappropriate language in school. >> reporter: explaining that the teacher's lesson was not sanctioned by the school system but she was basing it off a teacher's website called teaching tolerance. >> i'm sure she could have got a different concept on how to teach tolerance. >> reporter: now, i did look over that website and i could not find any specific lessons with cuss words. i did find a link to a book you can find. it's called teacher they called me a dot dot dot. you can fill in the blank. that could be what this resource that the teacher was using. anita. >> thanks, brittany. a prince george's county spokesperson tells 9news now that there was a special investigation regarding the matter. they will only reveal that administrative action was taken as brittany was telling us.
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tonight the coast guard is checking to make sure there is no oil seeping out after a drilling platform caught fire, yes, in the gulf of mexico. they first got reports of an oil sheen about a mile long and 100 feet wide. but so far the coast guard hasn't found any sign of that. they rescued 13 crew members from the water after the fire. this, of course, is the second such incident in the gulf in less than a five months. back in april the other bp rig exploded killing 11 people and leading to the disaster that spilled more than 2 hundred million gallons of older. the smoking toddler who was seen all over the world kicked the habit. though he was not in the best mood. he spent a month in the hospital. that withdrawal is a terrible thing from nicotine. he got treatment and now family members and government ties are keeping a close eye on him. one study did find 25% of kids
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in indonesia between the ages of 3 and 16 have at least tried cigarettes. see, that is more fun than lighting up, isn't it? >> yes. >> making a run for it. >> i can't imagine a little kid like that going through withdrawal. >> yes. >> that is serious stuff. >> they're bad enough when they're not. >> they're developing, right? >> absolutely. and, again, nicotine tough for anybody to beat. i want to throw the control room a curve ball. i want to show you the waves off our shore. they are not as impressive when we had 22-foot waves and 22-foot swells but they're getting rather large around ocean city now six feet. seven feet off shore. it will get larger over the nighttime hours and early tomorrow morning. let's go to the computer. we'll talk about wind fields now. this is what it's all about because it's not going to make landfall. the question is how far will the winds extend. they're going to get to the delmarva between about 6:00 a.m. and about noon. we're looking at tropical storm force winds which are about
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39-49 miles an hour. i think we'll see higher gusts down in virginia beach. the track, they shipped it a little bit off shore. that is a good thing. again, the storm has weakened a little bit. maximum winds are down to 105. i think as we get into friday evening, it will be almost past the capes parallel. and then quickly, and i mean quickly, accelerate back into nova scotia friday night late and into saturday. it's going to be a pretty quick storm when it gets through there. the warnings haven't changed. we're still looking for tropical storm warnings for all of our beaches and coastal flood advisory. i don't expect anything severe, not like isabelle. tonight 1-3-foot waves south. waves picking up east, southeast at 20-30. won't pick up until after mid night, though. winds 20-30 tomorrow night. but, again, south. maybe cambridge and deale island south. that is going to be the kind much cut off point of the
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tropical storm force wind. at the beaches 20-40-mile an hour winds overnight. tropical storm warning. and then by tomorrow morning, winds 30-50 miles per hour in the morning until about noon or 1:00. then the storm will begin to pull away. so tropical storm warnings for our shore. critical time 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. 40-mile an hour winds at the beaches is a lock. coastal flood advisory from deale island south. i think the waves could be 1-3 feet. these are not actual. these are estimated peak wind gusts. we think virginia beach could have 65, ocean city 45, cape may around 40-mile an hour. for us tonight quiet. increasing clouds and mild. mid 60s to mid 70s. and winds out of the southeast at ten. now, tomorrow morning high clouds. some showers south. southern bay. and northern neck. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. by afternoon sunny and hot. earl finely departs the beaches. high temperatures near 90.
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next seven days no matter what earl does, weekend looks great. 89 tomorrow. 80 on saturday. only 79 on sunday with sunshine. a little warmer for labor day but still a nice day. upper 80s. briefly hot next week. tuesday and wednesday we fall back -- actually go up into the 90s and fall back into the 80s with storms next thursday. >> all right. thanks for keeping us posted. >> the website has a bunch of stuff on it. it's thursday night and the redskins are playing. >> i know. and for the third week in a row, the starting offense did not score a touchdown. >> owe no oh, no. >> we can show you the ravens. what will be a super bowl season for them. plus the good, the bad and the ugly is on the way. 9 sports next.
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed.
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my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> for 22 redskins tonight's game will be their last. by saturday mike shanahan and his staff need to cut the roster from 75 down to the regular level season of 53. tonight's final audition is ongoing as we speak. we will show you the highlights but we would go to jail. the ravens also playing tonight. i don't want to go to jail. their starters sitting as well. and you could tell at least on defense for the rams brandon gibson nice toe tap. the defense did step up in the second. look at them show boating there. look at what he does at the goal line. changes the defense there. and john doesn't like it. he gets right in his face. he reads him the riot act. he will not be doing that again. the ravens fall 27-21. college football kicking off tonight. look at the old ball coach leading south carolina against
11:25 pm
southern mississippi. no one to throw to. puts a beating on that guy. and gets into the end zone as the gamecocks take it 41-13. baseball tonight nats off. o's hosting the red sox. big poppy here. two runs score on the bases loaded single and the sox beats the o's 6-4. u.s. open today roger federer rolling right along. he won his second rounder in straight sets against on dray yes, sir beck of germany. and how -- andreas beck of germany. and the 18th seed native just graduated from royal springs high school two months ago. >> wow. >> and with that we agree it's time for our weekly look at the excellent and not so excellent. the good, the bad and the ugly. we start with the good. most ridiculous tennis shot. that man federer again.
11:26 pm
first round goes back. right up against the fence. clean winner. he did the same thing last year. he is a sicko, right? >> it's risky. >> look at the approach and bounce. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 on the rocks and back up on to the grass. you can do that 1,000 times and 999 of them the ball would be in the water. to the bad, unluckiest reporter. you've met her. in germany doing the pregame report when she gets whacked in the melon. and i love how the brond hair vibrates. she finished the show and didn't complab because that's the way the -- complaint because that's the way we sportscasters roll. at least that's the way she
11:27 pm
rolls. look at the spike. gets them in the shorts. lady the answer you've been waiting for, black. best nfl hazing. the tennessee titans make them do the battery lay where you have to spin around ten times. of course when you do that, you try to run and you fall down and go boom. and then it's even funnier when they throw ice water on you and wrap you up in tape because everybody knows winning a super bowl starts with the dizzy bat race. finally worse navigation and i hate to say this because the army golden nights are so precise with their sky diving. but this guy jumps in. they have the tandem thing going on. here is the landing. well, he didn't really salute the flag. he became the flag. anybody can land on the ground, right? it takes a true professional to do that. >> he can just climb up and walk down. >> he was fine. but he didn't really get the landing. >> we'll be right back. [ son ] i'm a good son. dependable. i call my mom every week.
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. [ laughing ] >> we are just making vacation plans. that's all we're doing. that's 9news now for tonight. >> fore those of you sticking around, letterman is next. good night. ♪
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even lost track of foster children. a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager. do we want to go back to that?


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